Culture at AnandRathi

Friendly, open and encouraging are a few adjectives that can close to describe work culture at AnandRathi.
We believe in the abilities and skills of our employees to transform challenges into success, as a reason they are provided with tasks which help them in enhancing their learning curve thereby pursuing a successful career ahead as a professional.
Every employee is unique and has a sense of achievement and hence we try to provide each of them with access to the domain of their interest.
We constantly strive to create an environment which has a work balance approach wherein one can accelerate professionally as well as nurture personal well being.
Performance and excellence, are not only appreciated, but recognized and rewarded to ensure encouragement and confidence

Fun at Work

It has been our constant effort to make the workplace fun loving, enjoyable with a cohesive environment, bringing in the feeling of togetherness.
Events and fun filled activities are organized regularly in order to bring out the sense of belongingness and employees interaction.
Activities organized are:

  • Celebrations of Patriotic Days and Festivals
  • Birthdays
  • Picnics and Team outings
  • Off-sites
  • Fun activities such as inter-departmental competitions, quiz and games
  • Employee and team participation in Bay Decorations and Traditional Days

We have organised workshops like Swach Bharat, Diya Painting and occasional/festivity programs.

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