Derivative Trading for Advance Investments

Derivatives have emerged as one of the popular segment in financial markets. Nowadays it is the options trading that dominates the overall volumes. It is therefore imperative that one understands this segment well, not only for trading but for hedging as well.
Hence AnandRathi does cater to the trading fraternity with ideas generated by our Technical & Derivative teams, who are experts for designing strategies that suit various kinds of client categories.


Our dedicated research team publishes "First Morning Technical and Derivatives", a daily report that includes an in-depth Derivative market study covering all available databases. This report includes:-

• View and Trading Levels of Nifty and Bank Nifty.
• Stock ideas.
• Open interest activities.
• FII data.
• Options data.
• Derivative indicators.

A monthly report i.e. "Derivatives, Rollover, Outlook and Strategy", is also released at the start of every new series. This report contains the monthly outlook of Nifty and Bank Nifty, Rollover Data for the entire series and stock trends according to the rollover, Apart from this, corporate action in F&O stocks and view for the coming series is also provided in.


AnandRathi offers a basket of all the Derivative trading ideas including intraday trades to monthly position expiry call on stock and indices with a better accuracy and risk-reward ratio. An event based option strategy to get the benefit of a volatile move with less risk.


Frequent Client workshops & investment seminars are organized at regional & branch level for knowledge sharing, investor awareness & to provide appropriate guidance during any phase of the market.


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