Build your alternate income source

The Edge Partner model, is a unique partnership that gives you opportunity to build a alternate Income source with minimum efforts. As this model requires minimal efforts, you can continue with your existing business or professions and simultaneously generate a lot of extra income. To add cherry on the top, this model requires ZERO investments to start.

How does this work?

Anyone can become our Edge Partner whether a Individual or a partnership firm or even corporates. You simply need to submit a few necessary documents and register with us. Once registered, you can start introducing prospects who are interested in Investing and benefiting from our offerings. We will do the hard work of explaining them our products, services, opening their account, servicing them etc and you will take home lifetime revenue sharing from these customers. It is that simple!

Comparison chart for Partnership Business Modules

Particular IAP TEP Edge PRO
Exchange Registration
Deposit Zero Zero Zero
Registration Fees (From Company) Zero Zero Zero
Revenue Sharing
Per A/C Incentive
Back Office Access
Marketing Support
RM Support
Call and Trade Charges No Charges No Charges No Charges
Pay-out Process Monthly Monthly Monthly
Investor Awareness Webinar (At No Extra Cost)
Induction cum Training Session (At No Extra Cost)
Research Calls (At No Extra Cost)
Earning Potential No Limit No Limit No Limit



Initial monthly earnings
Annual earnings