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We offers end-to-end equity solutions to individual Investors and active Traders serving them with quality advice on individual stocks, sector trends and investment strategy.

Ethical Advice driven by detailed equity research has been the approach and hence this has been a key reason in the gaining clients’ trust. Research and Investment Ideas can be accessed by clients either through designated dealers at the Investment CentrePhone Trade Agents or the website. Clients can also opt for our push services through which we make research and trading calls available on e-mail and SMS.

The Value Picks & Investment Ideas (Recommended Stock Basket) identified by the Fundamental Research Team are packaged and communicated to our clients depending upon their profile by our Equity Sales & Advisory Team.



Clients can walk into the investment centers nearest to them or call their designated dealer on phone. Clients having an Online Trading account can execute their own trades online or else use our centralized phone trade desk.

Anand Rathi Investment Services - Online Equity Trading in India


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